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Vince Broglio | Board Builder | Resin Artist
Vince Broglio was born and raised in Northern California. On an extended summer vacation to Hawaii in 1971 he fell in love with surfing, and it has continued to be his life’s passion. He has surfed all over the world.

Since 1988 he has owned and operated Vince Broglio Glassworks, one of the premier surfboard fiberglassing businesses in the Monterey Bay area. In 2005, he began experimenting with the use of resin and fiberglass as an artistic medium.

Vince Broglio’s resin sculptures and freeform bowls are created from the recycled resin and fiberglass materials used in his glassing facility. Like the waves of the sea, each resin sculpture and bowl is one of a kind. The layering of many coats of resin in different colors results in a composition that has qualities of translucence and opacity. These unique pieces evoke contrasting elements of fluidity and solid mass, of tranquility and power.

Vince’s artistry is revealed in his resin sculptures and bowls that delight the eye as they reflect and absorb light, much like the sea itself.

Vince Broglio makes his home in Santa Cruz, CA.